PTSO Bylaws

Eagle Harbor High School – Parent Teacher Student Organization By-Laws

Purpose: The Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) exists to support parents, teachers, staff, and students and to facilitate communication.

Members: The teachers/staff/administrators and students of Eagle Harbor High School (EHHS) and the parents and/or designated guardians of EHHS students are Members of the Organization.

Meetings: General Membership Meetings will be held at EHHS at least three times an academic calendar year or more often as posted. The President may call special meetings of the Members for any purpose at any time. Special meeting notice shall be given in advance by the President via email or in school office at least 5 days prior to the meeting.

Officers: The Elected Officers of the Board are: President, Vice-President/ Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer, and Secretary. Other members of the Board include: ASB Student Representative, Teacher Representative, Parent Class Representatives: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and no more than five At-Large Members as appointed by the President, approved by simple majority present. The term of office is one year with term limit of four years. Vacancies on the Board will be filled by the President with the approval of a simple majority vote of the Board.

Duties: Each Board Member shall attend PTSO meetings, administer the PTSO activities and fulfill the requirements of their job based on the job description. The Board shall meet once per month for PTSO business, for the calendar school year and attempt to attend General Membership Meetings.

President: The President presides over Board and General Membership meetings and prepares agendas. The President acts as the liaison to the Principal. The President shall preside over the PTSO activities school calendar and communicate accordingly to Members. The President shall fulfill duties as a Director on the Bainbridge Island School District 303 Parent Teacher Organization Coordinating Council (PTOCC). In the event the President cannot attend the PTOCC meeting, then the Vice President or Ad Hoc Appointee may attend as Acting Director.

Vice President/Volunteer Coordinator: The Vice President presides at all meetings in the absence of the President and presides over the nominating process. The Vice President acts in the capacity of Volunteer Coordinator, recruits volunteers to fulfill the needs of the education community of EHHS. The VP/Volunteer Coordinator maintains records of volunteer hours and submits annual volunteer report for BISD.

Treasurer: The Treasurer has charge and custody of all PTSO funds, keeps accurate records, deposits all funds in the name of the PTSO, pays pre-authorized invoices and expense reimbursements, and presents financial statements to the PTOCC Treasurer each year for audit. The PTSO Treasurer must follow PTOCC basic Principles of PTO Financial Management as outlined within most current revision on file. The Treasurer will preside over the Annual Budget Committee and present a budget for Board approval to be presented for Membership vote in the General Membership Meeting before end of the fiscal school year (ideally in April), in accordance to PTOCC Financial Guidelines. The Treasurer must keep records in accordance to PTOCC Documentation Retention Schedule. The fiscal year of the organization shall be July 1st through June 30 of the calendar year. The Treasurer may present an At-Large Member to the President for appointment as Assistant Treasurer, to be accepted by majority vote of PTSO Board.

Secretary: The Secretary takes minutes at all PTSO meetings, maintains records of PTSO business, and handles PTSO correspondence. All correspondence should be recorded in monthly Board meeting minutes. The Secretary will keep records and documents in accordance to PTOCC Documentation Retention Schedule. Class Representatives (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior): The Parent Representative of each student class shall focus on the needs of each respective student class, supporting activities of PTSO. Each Class Representative acts as liaison between PTSO and each respective student class, while supporting community among all EHHS student classes, teachers and parents.

Teacher Representative: The Teacher Representative acts a liaison between PTSO and EHHS staff, while supporting needs of teachers and staff in relation to EHHS PTSO activities.

District Administrator Representative: The Commodore Principal acts as liaison between the PTSO and Bainbridge Island School District.

Student Representative: The Student Representative focuses on the needs of students and EHHS community and acts as liaison between PTSO and Leadership Council or Associated Student Body (ASB).

Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer as needed to fulfill financial officer duties described by PTOCC financial guidelines.

At-Large Members: At-large members of the board will be appointed by the PTSO President to represent the general parent population. During any given year, no more than five at-large members will be appointed. One of these At-Large members shall be designated as Assistant Treasurer.

Election of Officers/Board Members: New Officers and Board Members will be approved or denied by a simple majority vote of those PTSO Members present at the Spring General Membership Meeting. The elected Officers and Board Members are the representatives of the EHHS PTSO.

Voting: Voting at PTSO meetings is by a simple majority of those present at a meeting. All PTSO members are eligible to vote. PTSO by-laws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at the meeting following the presentation of the proposed amendment.

Adopted by resolution of the Members of Eagle Harbor High School’s PTSO in 2012.